Adventures in Puerto Rico.

Hello lovelies! I am back from a week + a half long mission trip to Puerto Rico with some my church…God did some remarkable things and it was awesome to see tangibly the work that He was doing through our hands & feet. We stayed at a camp called “Campamiento del Caribe” & were able to worship in Spanish & English, listen to Pastor Brian speak the truth from Ephesians, & also enjoy a little time on the beach!

This past week, we were able to work with the Iglesia Cristiana Bautista El Mesías church locally in Juana Diez, Puerto Rico. I met some incredible Puerto Rican people who were overflowing with their passion for Christ & couldn’t wait to put that passion into action by building houses. It was a great thing to be a part of.

For five days, a crew of 11 of us worked on a woman’s house in a rural area of Juana Diez, putting a new tin roof on the house, as well as finishing up a lot of interior + exterior wood paneling. The best part was being able to see the future homeowners’ faces when we finished up, presented them with a picture of our group, the sign above & a Bible [“Santa Biblia” in Spanish…]. The homeowner had twins who were 10 years old. Their names were Anton & Marisa, who were the cutest kids EVER!

I was able to be the group’s translator using the Spanish I know, which was a really neat thing that was pretty unexpected for me. Along with working for the five days & fellowship with others who wanted to serve, we were also able to do some sightseeing in the beautiful countryside, as well as go snorkeling & getting to swim in a bioluminescant bay ~ amazing to see God’s creation so clearly right in front of you!


I STRONGLY suggest that if you have never been on any type of mission trip before, that you find one, pack your bags & go. God will be able to use you in ways you don’t think are possible. He will pull you WAAAY out of your comfort zone, which is a really good thing, actually…


God did some crazy things, so stay posted for more about the specifics that I learned through the preaching & everyday life in Puerto Rico!

Much love,



  1. June 27, 2012 / 3:29 am

    Wow! Amazing! I'm glad you were able to help the women and have such a wonderful trip at the same time!

    • July 17, 2012 / 6:55 am

      Me too! It was an experience I'll never forget. And it's crazy how many things you can take away as life lessons that God's trying to teach you just through one week living outside your comfort zone. God is good & He just orchestrated this trip to go so well! Thanks for always being there for me, blog friend! Have a great week! Your sister in Christ,

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