What’s in My Purse?

I was cleaning out my purse & reorganizing & decided to do a feature on my favorites, which are always in my purse! Here are the things that I always make sure I am carrying with me, no matter what!
xoxo, Olivia
What's in my Purse?
1. My Fossil passport case that I use as a wallet
2. For my lips ~ Chapstick & my favorite Armani lipstick
3. Money. Duh.
4. My Mizzou lanyard & Godiva rewards card (a free truffle every month? I think yes.
5. Favorite camera EVER. Lomography Fisheye Camera
6. Ponytail holders. When your hair is as crazy as mine, you treasure these!
7. Notebook, Sharpie & lots of pens for those moments of inspiration & blog ideas.
8. Phone & adorable phone case from Target. (& it’s on sale right now!)
9. Lotion & hand sanitizer
10. Emergency chocolate. & during December, it is always a chocolate Santa. Always.



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