An Etsy Guide to Christmas Giving

An Etsy Christmas Guide
Hello lovelies! If you’ve been following along on Instagram, I am in the middle of my Ten Days of Christmas Cheer series where it’s been full of freebies and giveaways. Today’s fun bit of Christmas Cheer that I have for you is this gift guide that features everything in it from Etsy. I love supporting the makers and the doers and I would love to encourage you to do so as well this Christmas season. So without further ado, here is my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide…
 For the trendy lady in your life…turquoise and gold bar necklaces that are easy to mix and match with other jewelry or simply wear by themselves. I love the simplicity of these and they just look like they would be the perfect everyday necklace. I have a gold bar necklace that I wear every single day with the latitude and longitude of the village where I lived in Guatemala. It’s a beautiful reminder to me to pray for my friends there every time I see it when I look in the mirror. 
For your sorority sister, best friend, neighbor, or coach…a mini key fob set is the perfect gift that can also be personalized with initials or by fabric choice. I am always misplacing my keys when they aren’t on a keychain so either key fobs or lanyards are the perfect accessory for me to stay stylish and keep track of my things, all at the same time.
 For the music, movie or novel lover in your life…a candle capturing the perfect scent that they’ve always wanted to smell. With this Easy shop selling candles in scents such as “Jon Snow”, “Wardrobe Into Narnia”, + “Christmas at Hogwart’s”, you are sure to find the perfect scent so many different people in your life. As an avid reader, I think it’s just too cute to be able to put a scent with a fictional place like that. Too fun.
For the bearded man in your life…a full beard oil sampling kit. This gift simultaneously cracks me up and is the best thing to ever be created. Come on. Just think about it. Not only do these oils moisturize the beard and the skin underneath, but they also keep the beard as soft as possible and smelling amazing. I mean, talk about a win-win-win. This kit offers scents such as juniper berry, mossy oak, sandalwood, citrus, and many more.
For the busy girl who loves to craft…a wall art weaving kit for beginners. With the surge of popularity in yarn wall art, it can definitely be tricky to learn how to master it. If you weren’t able to learn from my DIY post on how to create it, there is always a kit that will teach you, as well as supply all the things you need, all in a little box perfectly curated for you. This kit even comes with a book full of step-by-step instructions so that you can’t go wrong, and you’ll end up with a beautiful piece to hang on your walls.
 For the foodie in your life…a mini maple syrup stocking stuffer bottle or a bamboo cutting board in the shape of your state! A 2oz. glass bottle is the perfect size to drop in the stocking of a loved one who just, well, loves food. I am constantly looking for little gifts for Josh that cater to the side of him that (adorably) loves cooking and any kind of artisanal food or drink. I think I might still go back and get one of these little bottles for his stocking ~ it’s just the cutest and I’m all kinds of sappy (hehe pun intended) over this. AND, I just cannot get over the cuteness of this cutting board ~ something that is personalized but also perfectly classy enough to leave out on your island as a centerpiece. So much love for both of these items.
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.39.11 PMFor the pet lover in your life…the cutest Aztec tribal pet collars for your furry friend. I think that this is something that would look super cute on either of my pups, Cosmo + Cole. These collars come in a wide variety of sizes so that they can fit any size of dog ~ so Cosmo, my tiny puppy, can wear the same collar as Cole, my Black Lab! They also have several different styles and patterns, which are all equally adorable. 
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.41.01 PM
For the jewelry lover in your life…this jewelry/trinket box is a just so adorable as it is made out of birch wood as well as featuring accents in turquoise! There are all kinds of bright colors offered, but I just thought this turquoise one was especially cute.  I’m all about little modern accents around my house and this would fit right in. It’s just so fun and the perfect size and price for a fun gift for a friend.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 5.49.47 PM
For the teacher or student in your life…some quirky Merry Christmas pencils to make their day a little brighter. I love these funny little sayings on the pencils and they are a definite day brightener when you’re sitting in the middle of a math class and realize that you’re using one of these pencils. There are also a great assortment of pencils that fit most any situation, so I would definitely check out all of the options. They are sure to make your day a little brighter. il_570xN.660733704_225r
For your on-the-go friend or the traveller in your life…a leather wallet for the back of your iPhone. Let me tell you, friends. College has made me quite the minimalist and I am always trying to find a way to bring the least amount of things out with me wherever I go. This is the perfect way to literally be hands-free wherever you go ~ your wallet built into your phone case. I have seen a lot of these, but this one in particular combines the heaviest duty wallet with the classiest style. I love anything leather, so to me, this is just perfect.
Well, what is your favorite gift out of my Etsy Christmas guide? I will take one of each of these, please!
Have a wonderful weekend,