Istanbul in Two Days {Part Two}

As promised, I am back to share with you the second day of our Istanbul adventure that we went on a few weeks ago. Anytime someone asks me to share with them about the trip, I just get so happy that I can hardly stand it ~ Istanbul was definitely a picture perfect trip, down to every cup of Turkish tea I drank and every plate of kebabs that I ate.


When we woke up, we jumped on a Big Bus which was able to take us all over Istanbul. I really liked the aspect of it that you could hop on and off all over the city, even in some really far away locations.

The views that we say from this bus were just unexplainable. The Bosphorus Straight is beautiful, and it was also quite a great feeling to be in Europe in one moment and in Asia the next!

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Isn’t it just an incredible picture! This was just a picture I took from the bus window but I think, just a bit, it captures the color and beauty of some of the sights we say.

Next, we visited Taksim Square, a district of shopping, restaurants, and hotels that was tons of fun to explore. One of my favorite parts about it was to see all the different consulates of the different countries in this neighborhood. We went into the cutest coffee shop, TWINS Coffee Roasters, and heard about six different languages being spoken there, which was a really cool thing to hear. If you ever have the chance, head to this coffee shop when you are in Istanbul. It is perfect.

And, to end such a perfect trip, we cruised along the Bosphorus Straight in a boat that allowed us to take in the sights and sounds of traditional Turkish folk and belly dances as well as an incredible dinner. All that being said, I wouldn’t have needed all of the extra pizazz to be able to realize how incredibly beautiful Turkey really is at face value. Honestly, the culture and the people will overwhelm you with kindness and beauty, so much so that a lot of extra costs aren’t even really necessary because of how vibrant everything is.

Even though I’ve travelled many different places in life, I am really learning a lot about myself lately. I really connect with places with a vibrant, explosive culture, especially ones that have a rich history behind it as well. This is what I found in Istanbul and I am so glad for the opportunity to visit here! I’m already planning what I want to do the next time I visit!

Much love,