An Athletic Beach Day

It’s starting to get a little warmer here in Alicante {finally} and all I can think about is spending my time on the beach every day after my classes finish. It’s been pretty chilly though so we’ve been playing volleyball a lot on the beach in hoodies and leggings. Now that there’s some more sun in the sky, I’m already prepping my outfits for days where I can actually soak up some rays and read my book on my towel in the sand. Here is one outfit that I planned out that I’m getting some major inspo from! One of the tabs on my browser is currently open checking to see if I can get this towel shipped to Spain because COME ON! I’m obsessed.

Athletic Beach Day
 There will be a more girly-girl beach look coming soon but until then, this is my outfit that’s inspired by going to the beach for a day of volleyball and walking around exploring. Were you on the beach anywhere for spring break? I’ve loved seeing all of my friends’ pictures on Facebook of their spring break trips! What are some of your beach-inspired looks this season? There’s lots of new trends coming up that I’m seriously loving!
Much love as always,