A Weekend at CampPINK

Hey lovelies!

This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first ever CampPINK, a summer camp style weekend getaway hosted by Victoria’s Secret PINK! Through my amazing internship with CollegeFashionista, I was selected to attend a getaway in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York! It definitely felt like quite the turnaround, since I had only been back from Spain for about five days when I left, but I am so glad that I went.

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Upon arriving after a four hour flight and a two hour bus ride into the mountains, we were greeted by PINK Staff with a huge (and I mean huge) duffel bag jam packed full of goodies for the weekend! From clothes to shoes to bedding, the CampPINK Staff seriously had every little detail thought out! Our porch lights were even pink! How cute is that?!

Because I was selected to go to CampPINK through CollegeFashionista, my lovely bosses and other interns were able to attend the camp as well! Within minutes, we had all connected and I truly formed some of the closest bonds in the fastest time ever! It was honestly such an incredible opportunity to be able to sit down next to someone, have a ten minute conversation with them, and leave feeling like you’d been friends for years.


Saturday was filled to the brim with activities on the schedule like yoga, archery, spinning classes, etc! From sunup to sundown, it was a crazy day full of laugher and lots of spontaneous photo shoots! When we had an hour or two of free time in the afternoon, it was the perfect time to change into some of our new Victoria’s Secret PINK gear for taking pictures! I actually loved attending CampPINK for a lot of reasons, but for me personally, I loved the aspect of getting to style PINK clothing with my personal flair. Usually, I only ever buy underwear + bras at PINK but with a tote bag full of fun gear, I have plenty of items to try out and use worked into my everyday outfits.

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So, as the day went on, I was able to meet so many girls that were at the camp, whether they were fellow Style Gurus for CollegeFashionista, Campus Reps for VS Pink, or girls who had won spots at the camp through a giveaway held by PINK! Finally, on Saturday night, we relaxed by listening to an acoustic concert held by V!bes and munched on some smores that even had pink marshmallows in the middle! Everything was honestly just the cutest!


Sunday morning, we had breakfast with some rainbow bagels, fruit, + coffee! Then, we headed down to one of the big areas of the camp that was just open with a ton of grass for a morning session of yoga. I really fell in love with yoga during this weekend and I can’t wait to start doing more classes at my gym this summer ~ it’s just so relaxing and wonderful! Finally, after yoga, we packed our suitcases and jumped in the bus for the two hour bus ride back to the airport. I spent the rest of the afternoon catching my flights to get my back to St. Louis! Overall, I can’t say thank you enough to PINK and CollegeFashionista for including me in this wonderful weekend full of surprises and adventure. It was definitely a weekend for the books! If you want to see a tiny taste of the weekend, watch PINK’s video below for a peek into my life last weekend in the Catskill Mountains!

Much love,