Back to School x Teen Vogue!

Hey guys!

I can’t believe that we’re already almost into the middle of September! It’s crazy how fast the month is flying by already. Whenever school starts, it never fails to feel like the year begins to roll full speed ahead. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of hosting a back to school party in collaboration with Teen Vogue! I just wanted to share some of the fun party details with you so that you might be inspired to host your own back to school party this fall!


Hosting a back to school party, I realized what a fun idea it is and it became something that I would love to do at the beginning of each fall semester now going forward! If you host a party a few weeks into the semester, your friends will definitely appreciate the pick me up from the stress that school brings. I found that for my friends, Sunday afternoon was a time that worked for most people because usually Sundays are revered for relaxing or studying anyway, so it was perfect. Even if you have friends who need to study on the day of your party, if they could simply swing by for some food and fun, that would be enough. I had several crafts available at the party, also, that served as a really relaxing way to spend the afternoon. On the kitchen table, I had a spread of fun designs from a coloring book, as well as the materials to make yarn wall hangings. Each girl left the party with a wall hanging that would add some cuteness to their dorm room/apartment wall!


Once I was accepted into the campaign with Teen Vogue and I knew that I would be hosting the party, I began anxiously awaiting the arrival of the boxes of shipment that they were sending me, because I had absolutely no idea what they were shipping. Once the boxes arrived, I absolutely freaked out because they were full of all kinds of incredible beauty products, clothing, and accessories. From companies like ASOS to companies like Jimmy Choo, the boxes were absolutely filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies that I knew all of my friends would love. Canvas by Land’s End even sent a box full of tops and rompers from their new collection! Each aspect of what was sent was absolutely adorable. All of the items were such a hit, and many of my friends have mentioned that they have even purchased more of the product after the party because they love a certain item so much!


It was so much fun to be able to host such an exciting party that so many girls from my school could be a part of. From my roommates to my close friends and my friends that I studied abroad in Spain with, I was so happy that so many fashionable girls could attend.


Honestly my kind of party planning is all in the details. For example, when you have all of the little details nailed down, everything somehow comes together and flourishes into something amazing. I bought some La Croix flavored water and fruit sodas from World Market, and then snagged some fun printed napkins from DESIGNLOVEFEST’s line at Target! Finally, when the box of shipment arrived from Teen Vogue, they had sent funky printed straws! With that addition, the stage was set for an adorable drink station.


If you’re looking for more details on how to throw a fun party, keep your eyes peeled because I will be posting two more posts soon with tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect afternoon party! There are so many little details that I can’t wait to share with you. One of my future career ideas is a fashion event coordinator and after throwing just a simple back to school party, it got me even more excited about that as a possible future job!


Much love!



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