A Room Tour From My Campus Apartment!

Since being back to school at Mizzou for the semester, I have definitely made my apartment my little cozy space that I always want to come back to after classes. Last year was my sophomore year of college, and I was only in this apartment for the first semester, since I spent second semester studying abroad. After getting back to the U.S., I’ve put a little more work into making this space feel like home. It’s pretty amazing, especially considering I have my own walk-in closet and a beautiful window looking over the woods and trails behind my house.


Last year, I always did my schoolwork in my bed, which often resulted in me falling asleep while completing important assignments. This semester, I have designated my desk as specifically my work desk versus when I used it solely as a vanity last year. I have been so much more productive with a designated work space, so it has become clear to me that now + going forward, I need to create a workspace that pushes me to get in the zone for studying. I have a calendar, a map, and a Chelcey Tate print above my desk, which each motivate me in their own ways. Typically on a study night, I’ll be listening to Local Natives, burning lots of candles, and trying to be as productive as possible. The problem with this set up is…I like it so much it’s hard to leave! 🙂


When I was preparing to host my Teen Vogue Back to School party, I needed a clothing rack to hang all the back to school clothes that I was sent. After purchasing this rad garment rack for the event from Walmart for $9(!!!), I thought that’s all I’d be using it for. Then, I brought it into my room and began creating a color coordinated wardrobe to hang on it, and I promptly fell in love with the way it looked.

I love having a walk-in closet, especially because I feel like I can have everything extremely organized, with all the shelves and hanging sections of clothing I have going on. Unfortunately, it also makes me feel a bit claustrophobic when I’m standing inside. With the clothing rack I purchased, I simply will plan my outfits out using the Hanger app for the week, and then bring them out of the walk-in and onto my rack in my bedroom. It makes things so much more streamlined, and my mornings run much smoother.


In case you haven’t noticed so far, there is a lot of white space going on in my room. I love color, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted my room to also feature a touch of minimalism. My room at home in St. Louis has a lot going on…there are a ton of things hanging on the walls, lining the edges of the room, and hanging from the ceiling. With my room away at school, I was looking for a bit of a different vibe. After experiencing how little I actually need in my room to survive/be happy, I never want to go back. Since deciding to keep only the essentials in my room, I’m ready to head home to St. Louis and do some serious decluttering to my room at home.

There are a lot less distractions and not only do I feel more productive, but it’s also so much easier to keep it clean. My room looks all put together and just like these pictures 95% of the time, simply because it takes me about three minutes to get it into this condition.

With all of that being said, I love adding in a bit of my personality into the minimalism. So while my style has a nod to minimalism, I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s what it is 100%.


When my friend and I were at a local Bazaar here in Columbia a few weekends ago, I picked up this amazing Slay banner from The Yonder Collective + I am SO thoroughly obsessed with it. Considering it’s one of the first things I see upon waking up in the morning, it definitely has a way of kicking me into gear for the day ahead of me. Below the Slay banner, of course, are my cacti. Besides these babies, I have 17 other plants in my room, so it’s safe to say that I’m officially a crazy plant lady. I never have liked and will never like cats, so the crazy plant lady is sure to become my destiny!

Finally, for the final section of my room, my bed. AKA where I want to be 99% of the time. But, especially since I’m taking 20 credit hours this semester, the time spent in my bed is rather lacking. 🙁 I love my bed so very much. Not only is it a super comfy place, but it also has amazing storage. I normally keep my school textbooks along the top edge of the bed, which keeps them handy and a perfect place for me to switch them in and out of my backpack to begin the day. I also always have candles on that top ledge, because they just create beautiful mood lighting when I want to have my room lit in a super cozy way. I’ll light my candles, plug in the string lights hanging above my bed, and turn all the other lights off. Immediately, I feel 10x better, regardless of the situation. The power of candles is real, my friends.


Also, if you like the wall hanging that’s above my bed on the right side wall, you can click HERE for my turoail of how to make one! Just simply substitute the wooden dowel for a large piece of driftwood, and you’ll have exactly what I have here!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room in Columbia! It’s definitely a constant work in process, so I’m always changing things around and trying to improve things. Because of this, there is always some kind of DIY project happening. You’re sure to see lots more of those if you stick around reading the blog during this school year.

Do you have a room or even an entire apartment you’re super proud of? I want to see! Leave a link in the comments to a post or a picture of your space that you’re proud of. I get so inspired by seeing how other people have decorated their space.

Have a great week + happy Monday, friends!