A Very Ethical Christmas Gift Guide.

I have forever been a fan of ethical fashion. When I came into college here at the University of Missouri and decided to major in International Apparel Marketing and Merchandising, I came in thinking that upon gradation, I wanted to work in the fashion industry with the goal of making it more sustainable and ethical. This passion hasn’t died down, and ultimately I would love to pursue that goal. In fact, when I was living in Guatemala, I happened to meet the founder of Noonday Collection, Jessica, when I was in Antigua. This was such a memorable experience because I was able to go to the hotel she was staying at and chat poolside with her and some other world-changing Noonday ladies all about ethical fashion and the challenges and advantages that can come with all things sustainable¬†and fair trade.

My life experiences have really culminated to make this passion in my life so strong and it only makes sense if I would end up at a company that places an emphasis on the ethical treatment and payment of employees. If you haven’t heard much about ethical fashion, I would check out the documentary The True Cost or THIS article I wrote a few weeks ago on fast fashion.

In my mind though for a long time, my opinion of ethical fashion was that, while it was for a good cause, it wasn’t necessarily the most fashionable. In my mind, I’d seen some wares that were made around the world that were advertised as fair trade that were simply just not that great. While they helped other people, I would have never just picked them out because I liked them.

However, the future of ethical fashion is definitely changing and there are so many companies that work with artisans all over the globe that create some of the most gorgeous products that I have ever seen. Later this week, I’ll be highlighting an ethical fashion company that makes some of the most beautiful things with an outfit post, but for now, I have created a gift guide stocked with some of my favorite current picks from my most favorite companies! What ethical fashion companies are you currently crushing on?




My Most Favorite Ethical Gifts I’m Loving Right Now

1. Antonia Scarf ($65) from Noonday Collection

2. Saddle Bag ($55) from Hiptipico

3. Camera Strap ($78) from Nena + Co.

4. Coasters ($4 each) from Mayan Hands

5. Bottle Stopper ($10) from Roots of Creation

6. Leather Backpack ($238) from Nisolo

7. PomPom Keychain ($8) from Macvilho

8. Basket in Sea Foam ($42) from Wolof Weavers of Senegal

9. Necklace ($15) from Haiti Design Co.

10. Boots ($178) from The Root Collective

11. Tasseled Pouch ($12) from Mango + Main

There you have my roundup of favorite goodies perfect for Christmas gifts for family and friends! Not only are they beautiful and thoughtful choices, but they are also ethically purchased, so it’s kind of a win-win all the way around. If you have any favorite companies that you love shopping from, drop the name down in the comments below because I want to know!

Each and every one of us holds the power to make a difference as a consumer with every purchase we make. Why don’t we make our purchases count towards something and make the lives of others better?

I’ll be back later this week to share more about one of my favorite ethical fashion brands!



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