A Note About Complacency + My 30 Before 30 List.

Hey friends,

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about complacency and how it can impact our lives. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines complacency as “a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements”. For me, it can be so easy to get in this place where I’m happy with things and not really trying to set my expectations too high.

But, I’ve realized that when I get in this mindset, I tend to fall into a more complacent state of mind. I wasn’t made for this way of life, and neither were you. But when things are crazy busy and there’s really no time at all to add anything to the schedule for the day, it’s so simple to want to fall back into bed and give up. 

But, the good news is setting the bar high for yourself can incredibly boost your productivity and truly allow for the ability to grow and be the best you can be.

I have been so thankful for the goals that I have set, the lists I have made, and the accountability that others have provided me in sticking to those things. It’s truly been so great to have others who know the things I am pursuing who can hold me to them when I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. 

For this reason, I made my 30 Before 30 List in 2012. Not only has it kept me in the mindset to always stay adventuring and to never give up on some of the things that I’ve always wanted to do during my life. I keep a copy of this taped on 

It also reminds me of my goals on a continual basis, so that I always have something I’m striving for. Maybe you don’t want such “fun goals” for yourself. But, for me, I figured that if I set fun goals, this would also ensure that I was working hard in all aspects of life, because otherwise I couldn’t make these goals happen. If I didn’t work hard with my grades or at my jobs, I would never have the money or the ability to travel or do some of the things on this list. This urges me every single day to fight the temptation of complacency. 

So many people lately have asked me about this list, and if I would be able to share it so that they would have an idea of how to make theirs, so finally, I decided to share! Here it is! 

  1. Participate in the Color Run or similar event
  2. Learn how to do a different dance (hip hop, breakdance, etc.)
  3. Kiss someone in the rain.
  4. Get married
  5. Study abroad
  6. Do something different to my hair
  7. Fly an airplane
  8. Go to New York Fashion Week
  9. Travel to Guatemala
  10. Travel to at least three countries in Europe
  11. Graduate from college with a degree that I’m proud of
  12. Learn to love myself for being white and pasty (don’t keep spray tanning)
  13. Meet either Lauren Conrad or Elsie Larson
  14. Crochet a blanket
  15. Write a letter to myself and open in 10 years
  16. Take surfing lessons
  17. Take a road trip with friends
  18. Throw a party just because
  19. Grow closer to the Lord
  20. Read 15 books that will help my life in some way
  21. Make on of my clothing designs come to life
  22. Buy or ride on a Vespa
  23. Sponsor a child
  24. Reconnect with a friend from high school
  25. Go skydiving
  26. Take a hot air balloon ride
  27. Ride a camel
  28. Sleep in a teepee
  29. Be a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding
  30. See the Northern Lights

Well, there you have it. There is the long-awaited 30 Before 30 List! I’m actively trying to work on a few of these right now and some of them are ones that are ongoing (such as my relationship with God and reading 15 books that will positively impact my life). Also, I wrote the letter to myself last May so I’m just waiting 10 years to open it. 🙂 

I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about what kinds of things I’m passionate about and are inspired to create your own 30 Before 30 List, or even your own 20 Before 100 List! 😉 Let’s fight against complacency together, friends! 

Much Love, 



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