My Top 5 Do’s + Don’ts of Instagram.

Hey friends,

This post is a bit sassier than normal, but it is definitely needed. When I sat down to write this, I realized what a vital piece of the puzzle Instagram has been to my success as a blogger, but that also means that I have seen and experienced things that resulted in a rant…errr, list.

Ahhh Instagram. My favorite social media platform without a doubt, Instagram has become an incredible channel for influencers, bloggers, and brands alike. Some people really kill the Insta game and others…not so much. There are times when people really annoy me on Instagram. Here are 5 of my cardinal rules when it comes to Instagram. Do you follow/break any of mine?

  • Do: Enjoy the Community. 
    • I have met some really incredible people all simply by the fact that they reached out on Instagram. When I was studying abroad in Spain or living in Guatemala, I met up with some lovely friends who I had only known previously through Instagram. It’s a great place to meet other creative people, and I love and really want to exemplify the phrase “community over competition”. 
  • Don’t: Buy followers. 
    • This is kind of an obvious one, but one that is worth mentioning. I’m constantly surprised by friends who I’ve found out have bought followers. With the new algorithm for Instagram, engagement is key. This means that regardless of if you have 100k or 1k followers, it’s more about the likes and comments and consistency of your followers rather than the numbers.
  • Do: Stay positive. 
    • Really, people?! I am always surprised when I get on Instagram to find people ranting. What?! That’s really what you are going to do with your lives on social media. This really speaks to all platforms, but I especially don’t get it when people rant on Instagram. For me, I exclusively follow accounts that provide something for me. I’ll follow you for your fashion tips, DIYs, encouragement, etc. but there’s no way I’ll follow you if you’re spewing negativity all over the place.
  • Don’t: Ask Me For a Follow For Follow. 
    • Ok, children, are we 12? Because that’s what my brother did when he was that age. If you want to come across sad and desperate, please, continue posting “F4F?” comments on my pictures, but otherwise I’m going to need you to slam on the brakes real fast for that one. Not only does it get old, but I won’t suddenly decide that this comment is cute and endearing and decide to follow you.
  • Do: Set Goals.
    • Sometimes I do this weekly and other times I do this monthly. Regardless of the time constraints that you place on yourself, goals are vital for your success at the Instagram game. Usually, I give myself a weekly number of followers that I would like to get to. Some of the ways that I reach this goal are…having high engagement with other Instagrammers, getting reposted by brands that I tag in my photos, or even simply tagging locations in my Instagram stories, because then I appear on that location’s story as well! 

All that being said, let’s connect on Instagram! I’m always excited to meet anyone who reads my blog! Follow me at @oliviableeker and leave me a comment letting me know that you saw this post! I can’t wait to get to know you! If you have any other tips and tricks for the IG game, drop them below! 

Much love, 



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