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Hey guys!
Today I partnered with a fellow blogger, Sophia Evans, who is today’s guest contributor to share some of her favorite tips for cleaning around the holidays. With many people’s to-do lists a mile long around the holidays, getting your house ready for guests seems incredibly daunting. However, Sophia is a pro and owns her own London-based cleaning company, Tidy Cleaners London, so she’s here today to share her expertise. 
If you spend most of your time at work, then you’re probably losing track when it comes to dealing with the chores around your home. From my past experience, I can guess that you barely find enough time or energy to complete them all, especially at once. Even if you wipe down and organize in a regular manner, the rest of the duties are often left behind…you prepare dinner for your family members but the sink is full of dirty dishes and there is nobody to get them washed, etc.
I found the hard way that procrastination will not lead you anywhere and will surely not get your chores done. However, you may find my tips very helpful. Let’s get started! 
Prioritize your work. 
Before you devote yourself to finishing the first cleaning task that pops in your mind, make sure to ask yourself one  question “Is there anything more essential that I should start off with?” For instance, refrain from dusting and polishing the furniture when your sink or dishwasher are loaded with tons of dirty dishes, patiently waiting to be washed and actually you do not have any more clean cups to make yourself even a coffee. Take care of this first. Another mistake is to think that getting many small tasks done one after another will make your home more cleaner or de-cluttered. It will not. It will only consume your time and will exhaust you so much in the end that you will not have enough power to tackle the more important chores. Do not distract yourself with not so urgent matters while your floor is covered with dirty clothes.
Practice Consistency. 
This is also related to procrastination, actually. You will never live in a clean and hygienic environment if you put off completing the cleaning duties. Try to clean on a regular basis. In long terms, this tip will also save you money. How is this possible? The deep cleaning  is way more expensive than the frequent ones. A few hours every weekend sounds like enough time to spare on cleaning.
Tackle It Yourself.
I believe that you can tackle the cleaning yourself and even save money because you will not spend a fortune on booking the service or on expensive detergents. For example, here is my favorite trick when it comes to tackling limestone on the shower head: 1) Be sure to purchase a white vinegar. 2) Pour some of it in a plastic bag and place it on the shower head. You can do it with a rubber band. 3) Leave it to stay for a couple of hours and then remove it. 4) By using a cloth, wipe the head.
See? Easy, efficient and economical! Sinks tend to get stained, particularly the porcelain ones. You can easily clean the sink by scrubbing it with a sponge soaked into a warm water mixed with simple dishwasher agent or a dish soap, depending on how dirty it is. If the stains are more stubborn the better idea is to use the dishwasher agent since it is more powerful. After you rinse it, you are done.
You can also use salt to unclog drains and pipes? Just sprinkle a cup of salt and let it stay for a while. After this, run the hot water and it is all done! There are many so many tips from which you can take advantage when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting a household on a budget. However, I think these ones are the most necessary tips everyone should be aware of. Try them. They will save you not only efforts, but money as well. Around the holidays, your most likely won’t have the time or money that you do the rest of the year, so hopefully these helpful tricks will give you a hand during your busy season. 
Thank you so much for joining us, Sophia, to share your helpful tips for efficiency around the holidays. Happy Monday! 
Much love, 

Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. How crazy is it that the holidays are upon us already? This time of year also means that it is gift guide season!

While I don’t go crazy making gift guides for every possible person or occasion, I always make a few catered to my favorite things. Enter traveling! After traveling quite a bit for the past few years, I gained a bit of knowledge on the things that actually prove helpful for travel. In addition, I’ve not only polled close traveler friends but also my Instagram community to create this travel gift guide! 

While everyone travels differently + with different needs, there are a few things that we all in common can find helpful! 

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Guide – $25

Black Tassel Power Cord Keychain – $33

Eat, Sleep, Travel + Repeat Journal – $13

100% Silk Sleeping Mask – $6

Hardcover Ticket Stub Journal – $27

Scratch Off World Map – $30

Handblown Suitcase Ornament – $22

Hydro Flask Water Bottle – $35

Smashbox Travel Primer Set – $22

GorillaPod Tripod – $16

How to Read the Menu Books – $10


Not only are these products some of my favorite items, many of them are perfect for both the male or female travelers in your life…all at a really great price point! When I’m shopping for friends, coworkers, mentors, etc., I look for thoughtful gifts that I know they’ll love, yet don’t completely break my Christmas present budget. I found that many of these gifts fall into a really doable price range and are great picks for almost any traveler!

Let me know in the comments below what other gifts you get for the travelers in your life! 




This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, INC. and The Coca-Cola Company, all opinions are mine alone. #ServeWithACoke #Schnucks #CollectiveBias

College this semester has been hard. This semester has been the first semester where I’ve felt like I don’t have a great balance on my life in terms of classes, sleep, and social life. Usually, I’m pretty talented on making sure those things are equal but I’ve watched my social life dwindle as I pull all-nighters at the library more nights than not. That being said, the main thing that’s been hard has been not getting to spend as much time with my roommates as I’d like. It took thinking outside the box to realize that we can catch up over a simple meal at dinner together despite our hectic schedules. 

My roomies are some of my best friends, so I really want to enjoy the time that college provides me to see them as much as possible. 

We’ve started  doing a lot of random tasks together lately, so that we are able to get some quality time in. Whether it’s going grocery shopping together, taking study breaks by catching a new episode of one of our favorite shows, or having random dance parties together, we are learning how to make it work. 

One thing that I love about having roomies in my life is the way we can throw together a easy, delicious meal so that we can focus on spending time together! Right now, Schnucks is offering meal combos that serve as a great solution to the everyday stressed out, school rush. Even growing up when I was a little girl, my family relied on these meal deals at Schnucks to spend time on the things that really matter. 

These meal deals consist of a rotisserie chicken, side, and a drink, so for my roommates and I, we picked the Garlic Herb flavored chicken, a pasta salad, and a DASANI® bottle of water to share. It was the perfect amount of food, and it’s simple because as soon as you get home from picking the food up from Schnucks, you can dig in and eat without having to spend a long time preparing the meal. Since the meal includes a Whole Roasted Chicken, Side(s), plus choice of 1 – Coca-Cola™ 1.25L or 1 L DASANI or 64oz Gold Peak Tea®, there is really so much flexibility so that all the picky eaters in your family or household will be able to find something they love! 

A 1L bottle of DASANI water was included in the meal deal that I chose!

For the rest of the semester, things only get busier. With a plethora of exams before Thanksgiving and then seven finals to prepare for after Thanksgiving, I know personally that I won’t be able to dedicate much time to planning out meals. You can bet this will be my go-to meal for many future upcoming nights. Then, once the main meal is over, I’m loving the fact I can reheat the chicken and have a delicious rotisserie chicken leftover meal in no time. My personal favorite is using the chicken in basic noodle soup for a easy upgrade to canned soup.

Happy Friday! Let me know if you have tried the Family Meal Deal and what sides you’ve tried! 

Much love, 




This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SkinClearingMakeup #CollectiveBias

Hey friends! 

This semester, I’ve had a rude awakening – and I mean that in the most literal sense. The rude awakening I’m referring to is my alarm clock that wakes me up around 6am most mornings, due to my 8am classes. Of course now that it’s senior year, I thought I would finally have the schedule of my dreams. That proved not to be true since some of these classes are only offered at that beautiful time slot of 8am. While I’m the farthest thing from a morning person, if there is anything this semester is teaching me, it’s that you’re never too old to change your habits. 

I can remember back to my only other 8am in the history of my college career; my 8am chemistry class during freshman year. Those were the days that I would purposefully (yes purposefully) sleep in the night before’s makeup just so I could still have a bit of makeup on for my early class without actually waking up in time to do my makeup. Disgusting…I know. 

Nowadays, as I often write about, I’ve changed my ways a bit, as I don’t wear as much makeup but rather focus on keeping my skin as clear and fresh as possible. For the past year or two, I’ve been on a mission to have a makeup routine that not only highlights my natural features, but also one that keeps my skin as acne free and smooth as possible. Enter, my favorite newest line of makeup that has changed my morning makeup routine completely.  Neutrogena® SkinClearing® line of makeup has been a lifesaver for my crazy schedule because of how easy it is to apply as well as it’s multipurpose ways!

CVS carries the Neutrogena® SkinClearing® line, so it’s always super easy to swing by on my way to my house and grab my favorite products. Neutrogena® SkinClearing® makeup covers up and helps prevent breakouts while you wear it, so what is there not to love?!

Without further ado, I’m going to share my morning routine with you even with the times broken down so you can see exactly how fast this makeup routine takes me! 

6:15am – My alarm goes off. I drowsily stumble across my room to turn off the alarm and turn on all of my lights so I don’t get back in bed and fall back to sleep. 🙂 

6:20am – Make my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and throw it into a ponytail. 

6:30am – Apply the Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Complection Perfector.

Basically, I just rub this consistently all over my face and smooth it in with my fingers. I love the Micro-Clear technology because it boosts the power of salicylic acid by breaking through oil and unclogging pores for fast acne relief. Developed by dermatologists, this oil-free formula controls shine and won’t clog pores.

6:31am – Grab the Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Blemish Concealer and rub it over specific problem areas of my skin.

This stuff is the absolute best because it helps conceal blemishes and help clear them up with Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Blemish Concealer. Providing natural-looking coverage, this double-duty concealer reduces the visibility of acne and other blemishes while also helping to improve your skin. The formula contains Micro-Clear technology with salicylic acid acne medicine to help quickly eliminate and prevent pimples. Developed by dermatologists, the Blemish Concealer is non-comedogenic and oil-free so it won’t clog pores.

6:33am – I dab the Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Liquid Makeup foundation all over my skin and blend in with a makeup sponge. 

Formulated for acne-prone skin, it is the first and only liquid makeup foundation with Micro-Clear technology that not only treats blemishes, but also helps prevent emerging acne breakouts for clearer skin. 

6:35am – Using the included applicator puff, I spread the Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Mineral Powder over my face to ensure that it is all smoothed in nicely to avoid any kind of shine on my skin.

This product’s two-sided applicator provides a fresh, shine-free look. Containing minerals plus Micro-Clear technology with salicylic acid acne treatment, this non-comedogenic formula works to clear and help prevent breakouts while being gentle to skin. The compact also contains oil-absorbing powders for shine control that’s gentle on the skin. A mirror and applicator puff are included.

6:36am – I swipe the fun shade of my Neutrogena® Moisturesmooth Colorstick across my lips and instantly the bright pop of color makes me seem ready for the day! 

The Colorstick is made with fruit extracts including mango and shea butter, so your lips feel moisturized for hours and days!

6:37am – Finally, I create a perfect finishing touch with the Neutrogena® Nourishing Eyeliner, completing my look for the day.

I always use black eyeliner, and it glides on smoothly to enhance eyes all day without smudging or fading. Subtle light diffusers make whites of eyes appear whiter, while olive oil and rainforest shea butter add nourishment. 

Good luck with those early morning classes this semester! We’re all in this together! Don’t forget to use #SkinClearingMakeup when posting about how the line has helped you too – I can’t wait to see your results! 

Also, don’t forget you can grab the items at CVS – this is an example of my store to show you where you can grab the SkinClearing line in your store! 


This post is sponsored by NEUTROGENA®. I only recommend products I use personally and believe my followers will also enjoy! Some of the products mentioned were provided by NEUTROGENA® for this review.


Hey friends! Do you ever just feel like your life is a little too cluttered at any given moment? I don’t know about you, but I feel like even if everything is in order, I always find something to stress out about or worry about. Senior year is going to be the year that I work on reducing this. Usually, I always refer this stress back to my desire to have control over things….I am a planner and I like to have every. little. thing. in order. Since this obviously isn’t exactly possible or practical, this is my chance to work on myself instead.

Here are three little tips and tricks that have helped me lower the stress in my life by a lot that I thought I would share with you, as the semester is only beginning!

1. Get Your Email Under Control. Simply waking up in the morning and checking my phone was a huge area of  such stress for me because I would wake up to literally hundreds of emails. And I felt like I had to get my inbox under control right when I woke up, which caused a lot of unnecessary stress. Like I said, I probably bring most of this stress on myself anyway. I have done several things to majorly help with this problem. First, I set specific times to clean my inbox. When I wake up, I don’t feel compelled now to delete and reply to every single thing. Currently, I have two mornings and one evening that I dedicate about fifteen minutes to deleting and responding to other people’s emails. This helps me not spend much time in my email anyway. Then, I reduced the actual amount of emails coming in, too. Search your mailbox for the word “unsubscribe“. Doing this was a complete game changer for me. All kinds of emails popped up from different stores, services and actually a ton of companies I wasn’t interested in anymore. I believe I unsubscribed from every email that had the word unsubscribe on it except for about two stores.

2. Get Your Mornings Under Control. As you could probably tell from the last tip, mornings are a little rough for me. I am such a night owl and mornings are just awful. I’m constantly running, yes running, through my apartment trying to pull on shoes, brush my teeth and text my friends all at once. It’s a little bit of a problem. So, something that was a total game changer for me was preparing everything for the morning the night before. This was everything from looking at my weather app and picking out my outfit to putting a K-cup in my coffee maker so it was all ready at the push of a button when I woke up (I told you it was rough). This maximized my getting ready time and shaved a lot of minutes off of my routine, which was amazing. It is such a different feeling to not be starting my day feeling stressed to the max. Remember when I wrote about why self care is so vital? Well, this is one huge step in the right direction towards better self care that is super easy and doable! 

3. Get Your Student Life Under Control. Maybe I feel compelled to talk about this because I’m still high on the life from finishing last semester with my highest GPA of college, but this is a really important thing that I wanted to touch on. When I think about last semester, sure, I remember a lot of long nights studying. But I also remember a ton of fun times. Being successful in college, I’ve realized, doesn’t always equal shutting yourself in your room and studying 24/7. Last semester, I set personalized goals for myself for each class that I was in. For example, I was pretty confident that I wouldn’t get as good of a grade in Microeconomics as I would in International Marketing (I was right, lol). So I set different goals for myself for each of these classes. But, being the extremely competitive person that I am, I hung these goals by my desk, and I was oh-s0 determined to stick to them. I ended the semester doing even better than I set my goals at, which was such a rewarding feeling. But, setting your sights on something is the first and so important step.

There you have it, friends. Those are some of the ways I have minimized all the stress that I carried with me. Sometimes I still stress out…I mean I think stressing out is pretty much inevitable, but it has been drastically reduced. So, who’s with me? Here’s to a low stress semester!

Much love,