Hello all you lovelies! Welcome to the easiest DIY of your life, my friends! I have been looking for the supplies for a long time now to do this, but if you stay patient to look for some cheap-o supplies, it definitely pays off big time! So… all you need is…

  • Scrabble letters spelling out your choice of words. I chose “L-A-U-N-D-R-Y” but other choices could be words like “CLEAN” or “CLOTHES” or “FAVORITE” (for a favorite dress or top to be displayed on by chance…)
  • A vintage hanger with a wooden part wide enough for the letters.
  • A hot glue gun.
  1. This is so simple, you can probably guess just how to do it, but, I’ll tell you just in case!
  2. Heat up that hot glue gun ASAP & glue your letters to the hanger. [I attached mine in a bit of a haphazard way, because I like the way it looks much better than if I had attached them at perfect spacing and angles!]

That’s all folks, but I ADORE the result! I bought the Scrabble tiles inn a historic district in Iowa last summer when I was on vacation (check out the Amana Handcrafted Colonies HERE, because it is just too quaint!!!). Then, I just found the hanger at the Gypsy Caravan flea market that I talked about here. So, between the Scrabble letters & the hanger, I do believe this project cost me around $1.75! So expensive, right?! Hahaha, well I am a firm believer in bargaining away whenever it is appropriate, so if we ever go thrifting together, be prepared for me to put on my bargaining shoes! I hope you enjoyed this & hopefully you think the result is as adorable as I thought it was! Have a beautiful day!

Much love,