So, the other day, my Dad, brother & I packed up & went to the cutest little street about half an hour away. It was called Cherokee St.

There were blocks upon blocks of the cutest vintage & antique stores. The whole entire surrounding of the street was just precious. It’s like stepping into a time capsule and launching yourself back in time. My favorite store is called Ruth’s Vintage there, where I met the sweetest lady [Ruth] who has worked in her store, buying & selling since 1982. She’s adorable. And 79 years old.

I just love visiting all the little towns because the people you meet are the most genuine, loving people who are nice to you even though the two of you just met five minutes ago. It’s a really good lesson for me. These people don’t care where you come from, or what you look like; they just know that you must care about the greater good enough to come visit them in their tiny store that’s hanging by a thread. And, i love that.

This day was a wake up call really to be more of a genuine person to whomever I come in contact with! Seriously. These small business owners care about you just because you stepped foot in their shop. Let’s all be like that, ok?
Much love,




Hello lovelies! I was just checking in with you all to see if you had noticed our new look here at “A Drop in the Ocean”? It took a lot of time getting everything just so, & there are always still little fixes that need to be made here & there. But, do you like it so far? I am completely open on suggestions & comments concerning it, so feel free to give your opinion! Have a great day!
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Hello lovelies!
Every now and then, my mom & I do a purse swap. Between the two of us, we buy ridiculous amounts of purses {mostly i am doing the buying}. anyway, we decided to trade purses last week. I am totally in love with her little, leather, cross-body bag! When I would see her using it, I thought it was alright, but now that I actually am using it, I realize why she liked it so much!
So, I decided to show you all what can fit in it; in all of its glory. Here we go…
Of course I have a…
The unique stuff…
  • Sharpie – I always need one to write down cool quotes & verses that I hear while I’m out & about…
  • Hair clip – Having huge, curly hair is a blessing & a curse, so on super humid days, it gets clipped back real fast.
  • Ear buds – Since getting an iPhone for my birthday, it’s come in real handy for on-the-go listening to music & podcasts.
  • Hand sanitizer – Bath & Body works does it again; Fresh Market Apple is my favorite!
  • Tickets – Whether it’s the latest sports venue or concert, 100% of the time, there is a ticket in my purse leftover from something. This one in particular is from the musical “Dreamgirls” that the local outdoor theater put on.
  • Comb – I was never a sissy about my hair before I got bangs, but now that I do, I always want them to look good, so I use this comb to help me with that!
  • Camera – Something that every blogger needs to have while on-the-go. This is my favorite camera out of all the odd cameras that I own. It’s fisheye lens takes the coolest pictures that I’ve ever seen. The only downfall is that it is a film camera, so I have to be pretty conservative on how many I take. Bought from Urban Outfitters.
Well, there you have it. The contents of my purse. Don’t you feel special for knowing?
Much love,

Hello friends! I have something to say. There is hardly anything better than finding some vintage treasures or the cutest organic clothing, especially when you support your town and shop locally. So, I am here today to tell you about my absolute most favorite places to shop local in the St. Louis area! These are places in St. Louis that I have spent many summers scouring for. The local, one-of-a-kind places here are like none other. So, get ready to pack your bags and head over to St. Louis if you don’t live here, because I’m pretty sure these places will convince you that St. Louis has some pretty great things to offer!

 #1 The Foundrie
Well…you know all that nonsense about saving the best for last? Well…I’m sorry…I couldn’t contain myself! My most favorite place of all is The Foundrie! Everything here is sold by a plethora of different vendors, and despite its location inside of Chesterfield mall, there is nothing typical about this store! There are so many lovely displays, organic clothes, fabulous decor & unique jewelery finds here, it is WAY hard to drag me out of here! This is for sure my #1 pick as far as local shopping goes around St. Louis. A bonus is, the sweet owners offer at least one DIY class a month which are always HUGE hits for every age group!

 Everything at the Foundrie pretty much calls my name, ha!

#2 The Swan Cottage
Located in the heart of one of my favorite St. Louis shopping districts, historic Webster Groves, the Swan Cottage is always stocked with more of the delicate, lacy, vintage finds that I love so much. At the Swan Cottage, the owners also have a hankering for vintage beach themed things, so when we discovered this place, we promptly changed our bathroom theme to a vintage beach theme with everything we bought here; LOVE IT! With it’s English country feel, the Swan Cottage is for sure one of my favorite St. Louis spots to shop!

The Swan Cottage is always picking up the best flea market finds and always has great stock!

#3 Oma’s Barn
My favorite whimsical, home decor store….opened right inside of a real barn, Oma’s Barn! The finds that I have bought here have ranged from vintage suitcases, to the most BEAUTIFUL distressed sconces for my bedroom walls. From the creaky floors, to the big red barn doors, this place can’t get any more rustic. Although it is quite a drive in the middle of nowhere to find this place, it is definitely well worth the drive; believe me. It is a must see!


I love the amazing barn that the store is located in!
#4 Winslow’s Home
This place brings back such good memories to me, because it is just SO unique! Not only is it a home store, Winslow’s Home has a restaurant and food supply store here too, as well, with all of the food straight from their farm in nearby Augusta, Missouri. It is so precious and classy all in one (i know, i know, precious and classy sounds like a strange combination, but somehow, Winslow’s manages to pull it off very classily!) Along with the shopping and groceries here, they are open for lunch and dinner and also offer catering, so basically they cover SO many bases, you know that you’ll have to try it out sometime soon! Enjoy!
 Along with everything else they offer, Winslow’s has a pretty “sweet” candy stop! 🙂
 #5 Winding Brook Estate
Wow. Wow. Wow. Can I just first of all say how in love I am with Winding Brook Estate Lavender Farm? Well, I am. First of all, you can go out into the Lavender Fields right on the lovely property tucked away in the hills of Eureka & pick your own lavender straight off of the vine. Or, you can visit the shop which is located on the property in a 100+ year old farm house that sells SO many lavender products! My favorite things here besides the fresh lavender are the diffusers (SO RELAXING) or the lavender lemonade (although it’s a seasonal treat, if you go when they’re making it, it is a must try…SO GOOD!)
Well, there you have it, folks. My 5 current obsessions of local shopping in the St. Louis area. Please support your local businesses, regardless of where you live, because these precious people need each and every one of us just in order to survive in their shops. I’m a huge supporter of local shops, so please let me know what your favorites are, wherever you live, so if I travel to your town, I’ll have all the best places pre-scoped out! Ha! Have a fabulous day, lovelies!
Much love,

Alright, I am very well aware that I am much due for another updated “My Favorite Things”, especially since this time of year usually brings some incredibly beautiful and inspirational clothing, prints, artwork and decor! So…enjoy! What are your current obsessions that you’d like to share?
Much love,

1] [THIS] book by Lauren Conrad ~ “Style”. First of all, Let’s just face it; Lauren Conrad is just about the most adorable thing to hit this planet, and her book is a direct product of that. From tips on how to style your hair, to how to hit up the best vintage stores, she shares a plethora of great advice and so much of her adorable self in the book! read it.

Pinned Image
2] THESE colored pencils from “Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool” Etsy shop have quickly become my favorite go-to gift for crafty friends! I have given countless sets of these away as gifts, and everyone who has received them loved them, so i finally broke down and bought myself a set, too. They are so precious, and a plus is that they are crafted from natural tree branches!
Eco-Tree Colored Pencils
3] Sweet drinks like this. It is lavender lemonade and it looks absolutely scrumptious. Perfect for a summer evening sitting on the porch talking with the neighbors! I am so obsessed!
4] This song is my life! I have it (along with Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” song) on constant repeat on my phone over and over! Their music video is pretty precious, too.
5] THIS collection of ideas for homemade pizzas. First of all, a much healthier and affordable alternative to ordering pizza or even buying a junk frozen pizza at the market. And, since the beginning of 2012, I have been on a crazy healthy kick where I have added a “no sweets & treats” as well as “not very many processed food” to my already vegetarian diet, so these pizzas are working well for me. LOVE IT!
Homemade pizza 9 ways