Hey friends.

College is quite a costly time where you might find yourself spending lots of money. You’re buying all your own groceries, managing those all nighters by buying all the coffee you can, and attempting to have enough to afford a social life. That’s just touching on the day to day things…I haven’t even mentioned if you are paying for school or car insurance or rent or etc. etc. etc. yourself.

Needless to say, being in college is crazy expensive. I wanted to put together a list of ways that you can earn a little bit of your own money while you’re juggling that heavy semester load of classes!

1. Sell Your Clothes, Girlfriend! 

Seriously. Do it. This is honestly one of the most freeing things that you can do. Within the first few months of school, you’ll find out which clothes are on constant repeat + which ones get shoved in the back of the closet. There are so many ways to clean out that I’ve tried, so I definitely have a few tips. I’d first recommend cataloging your clothes on the Hanger app so you can see how often you wear things. Then, you can start getting rid of clothes! There are plenty of selling resources available to you, so I have some ideas. If you have a Plato’s Closet nearby, that’s a possibility. Otherwise, you can order a free bag sent to your house to fill up and return to ThredUp. Or finally, you can post your clothing on Poshmark or even create a selling account on Instagram and upload pictures of your clothes from there.


2. Write For Online Publications.

With a simple Google search, I found plenty of companies looking to hire writers remotely. Through different websites, I have wrote articles for almost three years as a freelancer and gotten paid for it. Sometimes opportunities are hard to find, because you need to be careful about making sure the people who you are working with are legit. But, a good way to avoid giving out personal bank routing information is to look for a company that can deposit money right into your PayPal account. That way, all they’ll need is your email address to pay you. Whether it’s travel websites, fashion websites, or simply helping out a popular blogger by writing extra articles for them, there are all kinds of opportunities where you can literally make money from your bed!

3. Get a Job On Campus. 

This is a perfect opportunity during college, especially if you are a freshman or live on campus. When you live off campus, you have a few more job opportunities, but if you live on campus, this is the most ideal thing. You can walk to work, so you aren’t spending anything on gas money. Also, you’ll always meet some pretty great friends. Especially if you work in a field within your major, you have the opportunity to meet people who have a lot of common interests and you’ll most likely have great networking opportunities by being surrounded by faculty. This semester, I’m working as the Student Ambassador for my major, and let me tell you…I am meeting SO many faculty who have given me all kinds of advice about all kinds of topics. It’s definitely a perk to work on campus.

4.  Teach a Class. 

So many of my friends do this, and they have SO many good things to say about it! A lot of my friends are yoga instructors, photography teachers, or lead group workouts at the rec center. If you’re a fitness instructor, you can basically get paid to work out. How cool is that? Whatever you teach, you can not only make sure your skills are kept up with, but also help others learn something new. Some ideas of classes you could teach are…workout classes, foreign language lessons/tutoring, art/photography classes, online blogging workshops. There are countless opportunities to showcase your talents, share them with others, and make a little money from it, too!


5. Stop the Spending.

Ok, well of course this article is about ways to earn money, and that’s great and all. However, it is so much easier to achieve the goals of however much money you want to have if you’re better at saving money. Skip the Starbucks run and make coffee yourself, meal prep instead of grabbing Jimmy John’s…honestly there are countless ways to make simple changes that will make it easier to save. Take a few minutes and brainstorm creative ways that will work best for you and your schedule!

I hope that some of these tips prove helpful to you, like they were and continue to be for me! I love problem solving and trying to figure out the best ways for me to save money. As I begin my search for an internship next summer, I could be placed in an expensive city where the cost of living is nothing like what I’ve experienced before. Now is the time that I have to be saving up a good amount of money so I’m well prepared for whatever adventure next summer brings! Let me know in the comments if you have any tips and tricks for saving and earning money during the semester!

Have a great semester friends! 



Hey guys!

I can’t believe that we’re already almost into the middle of September! It’s crazy how fast the month is flying by already. Whenever school starts, it never fails to feel like the year begins to roll full speed ahead. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of hosting a back to school party in collaboration with Teen Vogue! I just wanted to share some of the fun party details with you so that you might be inspired to host your own back to school party this fall!


Hosting a back to school party, I realized what a fun idea it is and it became something that I would love to do at the beginning of each fall semester now going forward! If you host a party a few weeks into the semester, your friends will definitely appreciate the pick me up from the stress that school brings. I found that for my friends, Sunday afternoon was a time that worked for most people because usually Sundays are revered for relaxing or studying anyway, so it was perfect. Even if you have friends who need to study on the day of your party, if they could simply swing by for some food and fun, that would be enough. I had several crafts available at the party, also, that served as a really relaxing way to spend the afternoon. On the kitchen table, I had a spread of fun designs from a coloring book, as well as the materials to make yarn wall hangings. Each girl left the party with a wall hanging that would add some cuteness to their dorm room/apartment wall!


Once I was accepted into the campaign with Teen Vogue and I knew that I would be hosting the party, I began anxiously awaiting the arrival of the boxes of shipment that they were sending me, because I had absolutely no idea what they were shipping. Once the boxes arrived, I absolutely freaked out because they were full of all kinds of incredible beauty products, clothing, and accessories. From companies like ASOS to companies like Jimmy Choo, the boxes were absolutely filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies that I knew all of my friends would love. Canvas by Land’s End even sent a box full of tops and rompers from their new collection! Each aspect of what was sent was absolutely adorable. All of the items were such a hit, and many of my friends have mentioned that they have even purchased more of the product after the party because they love a certain item so much!


It was so much fun to be able to host such an exciting party that so many girls from my school could be a part of. From my roommates to my close friends and my friends that I studied abroad in Spain with, I was so happy that so many fashionable girls could attend.


Honestly my kind of party planning is all in the details. For example, when you have all of the little details nailed down, everything somehow comes together and flourishes into something amazing. I bought some La Croix flavored water and fruit sodas from World Market, and then snagged some fun printed napkins from DESIGNLOVEFEST’s line at Target! Finally, when the box of shipment arrived from Teen Vogue, they had sent funky printed straws! With that addition, the stage was set for an adorable drink station.


If you’re looking for more details on how to throw a fun party, keep your eyes peeled because I will be posting two more posts soon with tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect afternoon party! There are so many little details that I can’t wait to share with you. One of my future career ideas is a fashion event coordinator and after throwing just a simple back to school party, it got me even more excited about that as a possible future job!


Much love!



Hey there, friends!

Whether you’re heading back to your freshman year of high school or your final year of grad school, this letter is for you.

I write this letter to you this morning coming from a place in my heart that knows you might need it. Because I needed it. So I wrote it to myself. And then proceeded to share it with you. Because who doesn’t want to read a bit of encouragement when feeling down? Or sense that they might get pretty stressed out soon? Going back to school sometimes brings those emotions.

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There are times when I need a little encouragement about getting through the school year and I hope you find your own bit of personal encouragement here too! When I write, it helps me destress and think clearly about things ahead of me, so this is precisely what I did in writing this letter of encouragement to you all.

|| You’ve Got This, Friends ||

You are going to have days when it doesn’t feel like you’ll possibly accomplish everything on the day’s “to-do” list. There are days when you’ll only drink coffee and eat no meals (I speak from lots of personal experience). Some days will leave you in tears. Well, make that a lot of days if you’re anything like me. This school year will have times when things will feel so absolutely frustrating you’ll just want to give up. Skip class. Call in sick.

But what I’m here to tell you today is that, well, you’re going to kill it this year. No matter how many times you fall down or how many times you don’t get the grade you were looking for on that essay. I promise that you will kill this year, friends.

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You only have one life to live, and I don’t think we should spend this life stressed out all the time. Take some deep breathes. You can do it. When you zoom out and look at the big picture of your life, this moment is so fleeting, that you will make it through! You will. Just trust me here. There is absolutely no need to worry yourself sick with stress over details that won’t matter a year down the road.

I was explaining to a friend the other day that this semester will actually kill me. And you know what, I’m already off on a bad note. Why would I set myself up for failure with all the negativity and stress that I can’t do it? I don’t know why I think this! I can absolutely make this semester one of the best of my life if I would just improve my time management, think positively, release the stress, and realize that whatever happens, I am enough.

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|| Those times when you’ll get down on yourself and feel like you’re not enough…you are ||

I don’t care what those thoughts are that bombard you with comparison to other people, whether they be more popular than you in high school, in a better frat or sorority, or getting better grades than you are. I don’t know how I can get it conveyed to you enough so I will say it again ~ YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are not your grades, your social media following, your salary, etc. You are so enough and I want you to remember that always, somehow. Post-it note it to your computer, dry erase it onto your mirror. However you can, always remind yourself of this.

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Another thing.

When you’re tempted to throw on a fake smile with a good friend about all you’re going through, consider sharing your story. Letting people you trust in on what’s really going on in your life will help you so much. Being real with friends and not sweeping your problems under the rug will absolutely change your life. It will also allow you to release some of the stress you carry. My homegirl Brené says it best…

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” – Brené Brown.

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So friends. You’ve got this. You. Are. Enough. Be positive. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a courageous thing.

Today, with the start of the school year closely approaching, I’m praying for you and sending a ton of good vibes your way. You’ve got this school year. Let’s kill this year together, friends.

Much love,



* Thank you to my lovely friend Katie Prestemon for the incredible images. I am in awe of how she captured the story through these photos. This look is one of my favorite looks that I’ll be wearing to school, so I thought it was appropriate to share these photos with you as I share my back to school encouragement. Check out her website to see more incredibly captured images *

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View More: http://katieprestemonphotography.pass.us/olivia-bleeker


As I gear up to go back to school for the fall semester, I always need a little pick me up. The other day, I shared some tips on how I like to start my semesters great.  So today I’m bringing you a fun little giveaway that I’m hosting to help you guys get all excited for the semester. You can enter the giveaway below!


Included in the prize for this week is a LUSH Cosmetics “Relax” gift set, which means that you’ll be set on all kinds of body and bath products heading into the semester. The giveaway lasts one week long and will end next Wednesday, August 10th, because I want to ship you all the goodies before you go back to school! 🙂


Good luck, dearies!



Hey friends! Since I’m heading back to college for my junior year here in a month, I’m already prepping for going back! It’s always so important to feel and look your best before going back so you don’t go crazy with stress at the beginning of the semester. August and September are generally slow months at my university as far as schoolwork goes, so I like to go into the semester super prepared, so I can enjoy my down time better! Here are some tips for hitting the semester as best as you can!

Update Your Space. 

  • This next tip really speaks to the home decor addict that I am. Personally, I am obsessed with anything to do with decorating your space with an eclectic vibe and I’m always on the lookout for cute, new additions to my room. It’s pretty great that I have two spaces to decorate, since during the summer, I live with my mom, and then I have an apartment with roomies during the semester. This summer, I’ve been curating my room at my mom’s with things that I only absolutely love. It’s become a space I have a hard time leaving and I know that when I leave for the semester, half of these decorations are coming to my college apartment with me! My favorite places to shop for new decorations are West Elm, IKEA, and World Market. These stores have decor that contribute to my theme creating a chic, minimalistic, travel-inspired space.


  • Refresh Your Look.
    • Whatever this means to you, do a little something different with your look. This is different for everyone, but this could be getting a new outfit to dyeing your hair a new color! In preparation for the upcoming semester, I just made a fun change! I dyed my hair for the first time in my entire life! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be getting a peek at this soon. I’m debuting a fresh, blonder look for the semester and I’m so excited to show it off to my friends on campus next month. If changing your hair is too drastic, find an outfit that’s a little bolder or different than your usual and test it out this semester. Change can be a good thing!
  • Be a Goal Digger. 
    • College can be busy enough with classes, jobs, clubs, and on top of that, having a social life. A tip that helps me stay my best is setting goals before the semester even starts. Last fall semester, I set specific academic goals for myself so that I’d excel in that area. This semester, while the academics are obviously just as important, I’m also going to be setting some connection-based goals. Since I’m going to be spending this school year looking for a rad internship, I want to push myself to make more connections when it comes to professors and professionals in my industry.


Declutter, Donate, Organize, Repeat. 

  • Oh decluttering. It’s a bittersweet thing for me. While this tip takes some effort and hard work, the results are oh so amazing! It can be a struggle to get the energy to go through everything you own and get rid of the excess, but it puts you in such a better state of mind. Once all of your extra things are out of your room/house, it can feel amazing and also helps you start the semester more confidently, since you love 100% of the things you own now. This is one of my favorite tips because it makes me feel my absolute best.
  • Schedule YOU Time. Now.
    • Look at your schedule right now. Print a copy of it, write it in your planner, do whatever so it’s kept handy. Then, find at least two times in the week that you can box off some time for yourself. This time does not include…studying, stressing, working, etc. It does include…drinking coffee, listening to good music, going for a walk, catching up with a friend, etc. Keeping this tip in mind this semester is vital so you don’t run yourself into the ground.


Well, there you have it. Those are my tips for staying your best self to start the semester. Whatever you do, I want you to be your best self and stay as stress-free for as long as you can. Overall, college is an amazing experience but I have allowed stress to creep in too many times. I’m saying “peace out” to that stress this semester and “hey, what’s up” to a semester full of organization and fun. What are some of your tips for me to start the semester strong? I can’t wait to hear your advice!

Much love,