Hello lovelies! As promised, here is your guide to back to school style! As sad as it is that most of us (or our kids) are returning to school & summer days are dwindling away, at least we can go back to school in style!
Much love,

A ~ This is a good “1st Day of School” option because it is the right amount of dressy/casual at the same time…although dresses are good for school, save the dresses for a couple days in, not the first day.

B ~ Like I said above, wear your cute dresses to school starting about a couple days into school. This dress is a good option because it’s only $23 from Forever xxi!

C ~ Colored jeans are still all the rage & a perfect outfit utilizing the colored jeans is shown below as an outfit from Francesca’s Collections!

D ~ Although I love to dress up a lot to school, invest in a good pair of tennis shoes for those days when you don’t feel like dressing up!

Look 1: Make the most out of your closet by purchasing a denim top that can be easily tied over any summer shirt you have, or pretty much anything you own all together, including dresses!

Look 2: Turn summery dresses into fall looks simply by adding a cute cardi!

Look 3: Although this is the most adventurous look by far, bring the lace trend into fall by topping it onto a denim top