Hello lovelies! I have a confession to make.
When my family & my friend Nikki went to Colorado, I splurged. On a dress. One afternoon, we were shopping in one of the area villages & Nikki and i decided to go into a cute boutique that had just opened. I had been looking for a maxi dress for a while that I liked, and they had all just started looking the same. But, then, I found it. The perfect, multi-colored dress, accented with chevrons circling all the way around it. It has a cute, cut-out back, and really wasn’t too crazy of a price. I had found it!


It was the only one they had like it, so I was really excited when it fit perfectly! I also bought a purple bandeau [see first picture] to accommodate the cute, open cut of the dress.


I love the dress so much & I have already worn it several times since coming back from the trip!
What is your favorite dress?
Much love,